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TGQ torque motors


Torque motors (ring motors) of TGQ series are characterized by high torque, large number of poles and low speed. The biggest advantages of TGQ motors are high dynamics, precise positioning, good rigidity, compact design and high durability.

TGQ motors are available in two sizes – TGQ1 and TGQ2 as a functional prototypes, in future is expected production of other sizes (TGQ3 – TGQ7).


Torque motors TGQ are designed to operate at low speed. TGQ motors can be designed with hollow shaft as well.

Example of use: Motors TGQ1 and TGQ2 was used as a drives of three-axis manipulator and cables went through hollow shaft of motors.


The flexible design of servomotors allows different feedback sensor mounting. The most frequent types are:

RESOLVER is a brushless electric appli-ance, used for rotor position measuring and for commutation angle derivation. Resolver is commonly used as a position and angle speed sensor in regulation circuits of servoamplifiers.

HIPERFACE is a high resolution encoder with a data channel. The absolute position is sent through a fast serial interface. The sinus – cosine shape of the incremental signals (1Vpp) provides highly accurate positioning (100.000 increments per revolution). The sensor could be single-turn or multi-turn (4096 turns).

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