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TGN Servomotors

Brief description

tgn2–765.jpg The newly developed AC synchronous servomotors with the three-phase distributed stator windings and the permanent magnets on the rotor. The winding is designed for sinusoidal current and voltage. The thin NIB magnets (neodymium / iron / boron) embedded on circumference of the rotor shaft resulting the small inertia of the motor. The higher torque and the power of the TGN motor range is achieved by improving dissipation from the stator to the front flange and by the optimized magnetic circuit. The shortened laminations and the segmented stator windings with the increased density of a magnetic field allows shortening the length of the motor. This new design helps to increase the motor torque/dimensions ratio and to expand the motors usage to other applications.


The TGN motors are available in 6 sizes: TGN2, TGN3, TGN4, TGN5, TGN6 and TGN7 with the torque range from 0,28 Nm to 60 Nm.
TGN servomotors are produced for 36 V, 320 V, 560 V voltages of DC circuit and the different rated motor speeds (500; 1,000; 1,500; 2,000; 3,000; 4,500 rpm). The data tables shown below with the rated motor speed 3,000 rpm (except some versions with types – TGN2 and TGN3) and 36 V, 320 V and 560 V voltages.
The TGN servomotors can be fitted with the different feedback types. The standard sensor for common applications is the resolver. For the very precise applications the encoders with EnDat or Hiperface interface are recommended. The Comcoder could be mounted as well.
Special motors optionally designed for the different voltage or speed can be produced and supplied on demand.


The TGN2 series servomotors are designed with 6 pairs of poles, the TGN3-TGN7 series with 10 pairs of poles. The applications requiring regular and smooth running at low and steady speeds are optimal for using the TGN motors. The small dimensions of the motors are advantageous.

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