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TGH servomotors

Brief description

tgh.jpg In order to satisfy the growing demand for smaller servomotors and their applications running at low speeds, the new series of segment servomotors TGH has been developed . The term “segment servomotor” is derived from the design of the stator. While a standard servomotor winding is inserted into a completed stator, the segment servomotors have windings wound around the segment laminations first. The segment design of the stator pack allows the every segment (pole-phase) is coiled up separately Then the stator is finished of the particular segments.
The denser winding has the higher density magnetic field generated by the stator. The coilfronts are shortened as well. This design allows to shorten the length of the pack approximately of 45 %. Thus the TGH servomotors are shorter when compared to the standard TGT motors with the same torque.


The TGH motors are available in 5 sizes: GH0, TGH2, TGH3, TGH4 and TGH5 with the torque range from 0,03 Nm to 25 Nm.

Special motors optionally designed for the different voltage or speed can be produced and supplied on demand.


The TGH0 and TGH2 segment motor series are designed with 6 pairs of poles, the TGH3-TGH5 series with 10 pairs of poles.
The applications requiring regular and smooth running at extremally low and steady speeds are optimal for using the TGG motors. The small dimensions of the motors are advantageous.

The TGH servomotors can be fitted with the different feedback types. The standard sensor for common applications is the resolver. For the very precise applications the encoders with EnDat or Hiperface interface are recommended. The Comcoder could be mounted as well.

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