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TGA 300


Digital servoamplifiers TGA 300 are designed for driving of rotary and linear synchronous servomotors. Servoamplifiers TGA 300 are equipped with multiple inputs for communication with many types of positioning sensors. This gives us the possibility to find an optimum priced solution of a used feedback sensor.

Digital servoamplifiers TGA 300 are designed to be easily connected to different control systems, because of this the servoamplifiers can be used in many applications. In relation to the application and control system used, it is possible to utilize the integrated motion functions or to use only the basic functions of control loops. A huge selection of expansion cards enable the TGA 300 to connect to the most available integrated interfaces (CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, SERCOS, EtherCat).

Digital servoamplifiers TGA 300

  • analogue voltage +/-10V forspeed or torque control
  • Digital control inputs (4) and outputs (2) – activation of programmed position profiles
  • control signals for step motors „STEP“ and „DIRECTION“
  • control in the form of an electronic gear-box
  • control using the RS232 communication interface, CANopen
  • control using expansion cards

TGA 300 can be connected to the following position sensors

  • Resolver-EnDAT(single-turn or multi-turn)
  • Hiperface (single-turn or multi-turn)
  • A sensor with sincos signals
  • An Incremental sensorwith commutative signals.
  • The possibility to simultaneously connect two sensors(e.g. resolver and sincos)

Other sensor properties

  • Digital current (32,25μs ..62,5μs), speed (62,5μs) and position loops (125μs) ensure high motiondynamics and recursion of set operation movements
  • Servoamplifiers TGA 300 are equipped with anti-interference network filter (class A) and an internal brake resistor
  • A built in internal brake resistor (with the ability to connect an external one)
  • Control of the motors holding brake
  • Input (AS-enable) for the blocking of repeated running
  • The versatility of use increases the wide spectrum of supply voltages 3×115 – 3×230V for the 230V version and 3×208 – 3×480 V and CE, ULand cUL certification
  • The control software that works under Windows allows; parameter controlling of the servoamplifier, tracking current values, oscilloscope function and service drive activation.

Operating data

Rated dataDIM303306*310*341343*346*
Rated supply voltageV~3×104–254 V/50–60 Hz3×187–528 V/50–60 Hz
Rated installed power (for S1 operation)kVA1.
Rated DC bus link voltageV=145–360560–675
Rated output current (rms value, ± 3%)
– at 1×110V/230V/240V rated voltageAef245
– at 3×115V rated voltageAef4710
– at 3×230V rated voltageAef3610358
– at 3×400V rated voltageAef247
– at 3×480V rated voltageAef1.536
Peak output current (max. approx. 5s, +/-3%)Aef915204.57.512
Continuous power regen circuit (RBint)W404040404040
Continuous power regen circuit (RBext) max.kW0.250.250.25– 0.750.4– 9.50.4– 1.50.4– 1.5
Peak power regen circuit (RBext) max.kW1.5–31.5–337–9.57–9.57–9.5

* with a fan

Dimensions TGA 300

Height (with a fan) (mm)246279246279
Width (mm)70707070
Width (mm)171171171171
Depth with connectors (mm)< 200< 200< 235< 235

Multi Interface

PROFIBUS-DP – expansion card

The servo amplifier can be operated through a PROFIBUS DP interface. This expansion card makes it possible to transmit setpoint and read actual values on servoamplifier TGA 300. Transmission baud rates are from 187.5 k Baudto 12 M baud.

SERCOS- expansion card

This expansion card makes it possible to connect servoamplifiers TGA 300 with the data bus through the optical fibers. The baud rate pre-selectable is 2 or 4 Mbaud. This expansion card makes it possible to transmit setpoint and read actual values with different cycle times (1 to 65 ms) with an additional interpolation of the setpoints within the drive. This enables a synchronization that is exact to the μs, for fast, precise multi-axis control.

EtherCat Ethernet expansion card

This expansion card connects your servoamplifier TGA 300 through LANto the protocol EtherCat.

DeviceNet- expansion card

A DeviceNet Interface expansion card can be used as an option to connect servoamplifiers TGA 300 to the data bus.

I/O expansion card

The I/O-expansion card is an extremely economical way of operating servo controllers under position control for simple automation tasks. 14 additional digital inputs permit the selection and start of the motion tasks that are stored in the motion-task memory of the Digital servoamplifiers TGA 300. 8 digital outputs report the status of the drive to the higher-level control.

Single Axis Controller – The motion controller option card is the solution for complex motion controlling.

Enables Digital servoamplifier TGA 300 to be connected with PROFIBUS-DP. This expansion card makes it possible to transmit setpoint and read actual values on servoamplifier TGA 300. Transmission baud rate is up to 12Mbauds.

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