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Hardware of the TG motion can be very easy modifi ed according to the required counting power, numbers of the servoaxis and I/O terminals.

  1. Industrial (personal) computer

    There are minimum requirements on PC – processor frequency 650 MHz, 512 MB RAM memory, one free PCI slot and installed Windows XP Professional.

  2. CAN card – PC-I04/PCI

    CAN card – PC-I04/PCI is necessary for communication with servo-controllers and remote I/O modules. The card has two CAN outputs. Output CAN 1 is reserved for the servo-controllers and Output CAN 2 for remote I/O modules and other devices (e. g. frequencyconverters).

  3. Servoamplifiers

    The servoamplifiers delivered by TG Drives can be connected to TG motion

    • AKD
    • TGA 300
    • TG Power
    • TGA-24, TGA-48
    • Servostar 400/600/700
  4. Inputs and outputs

    Inputs and outputs are connected to TGmotion via I/O module with CAN or EtherCat communication interface.

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