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Hand-Held terminals

These hand-held operator terminals combine the well-known features and easy use of all our products with the possibility to be used in applications that require on-site control of all the system operations while also being able to move around and use the product where needed. All this is thanks to the ergonomic design, the reduced weight, and the long connection cable.

These hand-held models have a three-way “operator present” switch, 10 programmable function keys, emergency button, start button with indicator light, stop button, panel support, and complete IP65 protection. In addition, they maintain all the possibilities and functionalities of a touch-screen operator terminal, such as the connection with the majority of industrial devices and field networks, password management, recipes, and so on.

Display Characteristics
TypeGraphic LCD 4 tones of blue STNGraphic LCD 16 color STN
Touch Screen Matrix (cell dimension in pixels h-v)20×16 (16×15 pixels)
Resolution pixel h-v (inches)320×240 (5,7”)
Minimum lamp life at 25°C4500050000
Columns by Rows/Character dimensionsDepending on used Font
Character setProgrammable fonts/TFT Windows® (also Unicode)
Project (text+graphic) (bytes)640K960K
MSP serial portRS232/422/485/TTY 20 mA – on VTHCB (excluded CAN version)
ASP serial portRS232 – on VTHCB (excluded CAN version)
LPT parallel port
External (W×H×D) (mm)250×222×100
Cut-out (W×H) (mm)
Technical specifications
Power supply18..32 Vcc
Power consumption (24 Vdc)~ 10W
Protection levelIP 65 (on all sides)
Working temperature0..+50°C
Storage temperature–20..+65°C
Humidity (non-condensing)85%
Weight~ 3 kg
Project Languages46
Password levels/Bit passwords10/8
Pages/Fields per page128/34150/48
Format of variablesDEC, HEX, BIN, BCD, ASCII, Floating point
Dynamic texts/Lists of imagesValue depends on dimensions of project memory
Info/Help messages256/256
Recipes (Number/Variables per recipe)128/256
Macros (Number/Commands per macro)1024/16
Automatic operations/Timers/Equations32/32/32
Max bargraphs per page3448
Project imagesBMP, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, WMF, PNG, EPS, ECC…
Hardware clockSupercapacitor 72 hours
Function keys10
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